Friday, 7 April 2017


Leaving Teschmakers after breakfast we headed into Oamaru itself.   First a stop at the railway station to check it out.

IMG_1393Obsolete as a passenger station it is now occupied by a Chinese restaurant.

IMG_1396A rare old Standard Vanguard still in reasonable condition.

IMG_1397Steam Punk Oamaru has now gone prehistoric.

IMG_1401Another prehistoric monster.

IMG_1402A framed record of me in Oamaru.

IMG_1405Oamaru’s stony beach front stretching way up past the railway yards.

IMG_1407It’s been a while since any railway wagon’s have ventured down these tracks.

IMG_1419A gannet caught in flight as we tried to photograph the swell breaking over the breakwater at the entrance to the harbour.

IMG_1426A monster fallen into a Moa trap?

IMG_1429The biggest Penny farthing cycle in existence?

IMG_1430A mouse wheel for humans.

IMG_1431There is a warning about the steepness of this slide for those game enough to try it It’s steeper than it looks..

IMG_1432A prehistoric elephant?

IMG_1441The kids can have a ball in this playground. Pirates and Buccaneers perhaps?

IMG_1447They are teaching them the road rules at a young age here. Scooters, tricycles and bicycles only.

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