Friday, 14 April 2017

Onwards to Hokitika!

Due to forecasted weather we opted to head west (great decision).  On arrival  in Greymouth we discovered that we had a lack of power. Something we will need to look at when we get home.  It appears that the leisure batteries are only charged by solar. (obviously a change made by the previous owner, but not what we would like)  If there is no sun they are not charging.  The decision was made to spend a couple of days connected to electricity to boost the batteries.  Then we moved on to Hokitika where we spent a couple of days sitting out the remnants of the cyclone.

IMG_1572If you are lucky you can decipher this made of beach wood.

IMG_1550Monument to commemorate the early settlers.

IMG_1555This place will be busy next week for Anzac Day.

IMG_1561The old Hokitika Customs House.

IMG_1571Town Clock in Hokitika.

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