Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 2 at the MOSI.

This morning we said farewell to Richard and Pam on Nb Halcyon as they headed off due to other commitments and a tight schedule.

As the forecast for today was going to be persistent showers we thought that it would be a good opportunity to spend some more time at the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum is housed in 5 buildings covering 13 floors and has something for everybody. Even after a day and a half in the place we have only picked out the highlight’s and skimped over some of the other displays but there is still much that we haven’t even looked at.

Manchester MOSI 0021904 Imperial built in Manchester.

With over 200 years of current history of Manchester to cover in subjects such as housing, health, employment, industry, transport there is so much to take in. Then there is the sections of famous scientists and what they had invented, all in Manchester. Water, waste, sewage, gas and electricity, they all are well documented with working displays and historical film footage. Did you know that Manchester was the first town council, as it was then, to build it’s own coal fired gas works in 1817 and the first to on sell its gas to outlying districts in 1824?

Manchester MOSI 006-1 Dot couldn't resist this one. Dot motorcycles were built in Manchester using Villiers and JAP engines.Manchester MOSI 012Shackleton bomber converted to early warning radar plane. Built 1945 & was capable of 24 hour flying. Manchester MOSI 013De Havilland DH89 Rapide first succesful British short haul passenger aircraft of the 1930's.Manchester MOSI 036See what used to happen when you broke a street light. 

From what we have seen and read at the MOSI, Manchester was certainly in the forefront of the Industrial revolution not only in Britain but the world.


Adam said...

Hi Derek and Dot

We'd be interested in some photos of the moorings at Castlefields. We're doing Manchester on our next trip in September, and it would be great to get some info on where's best to moor. The map seems to show dozens of arms and basins!

Adam and Adrian

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam and Adrian

Will post some photos of Castlefield tomorrow, which way are you coming into Manchester? Will then explain the best way to come, most of the arms and basins are empty and unused!
Take care Dot

Adam said...

Thank you! We'll be coming the opposite way from you, so we'll be arriving from the Bridgewater, then heading up the Rochdale 9.