Thursday, 16 July 2009

Swapping Notes.

0 Locks, 10½ Miles, 4 Swing Bridges. Now moored at bridge 22

Leeds and Liverpool 066

Not a great distance to travel this morning to start off with because we had planned to shop at Tesco’s and also meet John and Fiona on Nb Epiphany at Burscough. John and Fiona have just left Liverpool docks so we were keen to compare notes.

Leeds and Liverpool 068 Fiona and Derek breasting Epiphany up to Gypsy Rover.

An enjoyable hour or so was spent with John and Fiona at Burscough catching up on the news and the gossip. We also picked up a few tips about the Liverpool Docks, While we had been chatting the weather had improved which made for some pleasant cruising.

Leeds and Liverpool 059 Is it a wigwam, a Tardis or what?

Leeds and Liverpool 060This property owner must be an artist. The eye of the needle.

You think about Liverpool and the first thing that comes to mind is dirty heavy industry, manufacturing and the like, but we have been pleasantly surprised with the rural scenery which is as good if not better than the Fens. On the Leeds & Liverpool Canal you don’t have the high stop banks to safeguard against flooding which effectively block your views on the Fens.

Leeds and Liverpool 072 Fly boat Ribble.

The swing bridges we have encountered so far have been a real mixed bag with no 2 being alike and a mixture of manual and electrically operated. At each one Dot had to study the control panel before being able to operate them. We are still not encountering many boats on the move but there are more moored up along the banks. This may change though as the new Scarisbrook Marina is now open and plenty of moorings available.

Leeds and Liverpool 077Dolls house for the bird's.

1722 locks, 3589 miles, 66 Tunnels, 57 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I recognise that wigwam...

(2nd photo down, not as good as yours - I was using the wrong lens) well that's my excuse anyway...
You'll prob recognise some of the "out-takes" as I called them from our journey up that way. There's plenty of other photos of where you're at just before that post while we were out there for the week...
It's funny seeing almost the same photos on another blog, plus our familiar area, been following J&F too. What I've just said might sound unusual, but there aren't many other bloggers round these ere parts, shame really - it's so beautiful. Enjoy yourselves doing the Liverpool Link...


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Heth
Yes we are really enjoying this canal and its such a shame that there are so few boats enjoying it. We look forward to Liverpool and the link as we believe it is fantastic.