Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It’s the Largest in the UK!

Liverpool 352Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral.

Today was a good day to be indoor’s so we decided we would visit the two cathedrals of Liverpool. First up was the Anglican Cathedral which is the largest Anglican Cathedral in Europe and the UK and the second largest in the world. It was designed by a young 20 year old by the name of Giles Gilbert Scott (later to become Sir) who’s other claim to fame was to win a competition to design the British phone box for the Post Office as it was in those days. As a reminder there is one of his phone boxes within the cathedral in working order. Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous.

Liverpool 359 Giles Gilbert Scott also designed this as well as the cathedral.

The stone used in the cathedral came from a quarry at Woolton about 5 miles away and many stone masons were employed including several fathers and sons. Building started in 1904 but due to two world wars it wasn’t completed until 1978. It should stand the test of time and be around for generations to come.

The original design had two towers but over time was reduced to one central tower which stands 331ft high (101m). Other impressive parts are the worlds highest and heaviest peal of bells, highest and widest Gothic arches and the largest organ in Britain built in four separate housings and contains 10,268 pipes. Boy, I would love to hear that fired up.There were many displays and a 10 minute video explaining the whole building process and it’s final consecration.

Liverpool 387 A model of the original 1904 design with twin towers. This was changed many times over the 74 years it took to build.

Liverpool 360 Gothic archways are plentiful in Liverpool's Cathedral.

With it’s various chapel’s and rooms it caters for events, conferences, catering, receptions as well as weddings and dinner parties. It truly is a living cathedral with something happening all year round. We have been in other cathedral’s but this one is definitely something special.

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