Saturday, 25 July 2009

Salthouse Dock becomes Colonial Dock.

Well it’s been another busy day here in Liverpool. The first activity was the divers moving their pontoon from one side of the dock to the other using nothing more than a very long rope and two men as Mules. Once on the opposite side there was a large crane waiting to off load gear and equipment. Even the pontoons have now gone.

Liverpool 202 This memorial outside the main gates to Liverpool waterfront.

Dot took herself off to the hairdressers as she was long overdue for a hair cut and looking a bit like a woolly Merino. As for me, I spent the time on the computer putting captions on some of the hundreds of photo’s we have accumulated since 2006.

Liverpool 228 Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral the second biggest in the world. It took 74 years to build.

Now you might be wondering what today’s Title is all about, well after today’s 3 departure’s there are only 2 narrow boats left in Salthouse Dock, one flying a New Zealand flag (us) and Matilda flying the Australian flag so the colonial’s have taken over Salthouse Dock and for the time being it is now Colonial Dock. Rule Britannia!

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