Friday, 24 July 2009

Sore feet and worn out legs.

Today we have walked from Princes Dock right along the Mersey waterfront to Brunswick Dock and many parts in between. According to Dot’s Pedometer we have walked just a tad under 9 miles today and we are both feeling the effects on our legs and feet.

Liverpool 233 These luxury apartments are in what used to be a warehouse built by P.O.W.'s of the Napoleonic War in 1855.Liverpool 227 The holding dock between the River Mersey and Liverpool Marina.

Brunswick Dock is where the yachts and large boats access the river Mersey from Liverpool Marina. We also found the 2 Navy Patrol boats that we had seen earlier hurtling up the river at a great rate of knots. Near the Marina is the Customs and Excise building which is actually built over what I would consider a dry or graving dock. It had terraced walls on both sides and mooring rings about every 5 feet around the dock.

Liverpool 224 Liverpool's Customs and Excise building over an old dry dock.

Late this afternoon we heard a call from the top of the dock wall and went out to find Halfie and Jan who were visiting Liverpool for the day.  After a short chat they had to leave to catch a train back to Chester.  Hope to catch up again on the cut sometime.  This evening we braved a chilling wind to farewell the Crown Princess which was due to sail at 8.30pm but didn’t actually get away from the wharf until 9pm. With a strong cross wind broad side onto the Princess the two tugs had their work cut out pulling her away from the wharf and turning her mid-stream. Considering it was low tide and the draft of the Princess it just shows how deep the River Mersey really is, very deep indeed.

Liverpool 251 Broadside across the Mersey.

Liverpool 263  Tug no 2 heads home as Crown Princess heads out to sea.

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