Friday, 31 July 2009

We Have Power!

This morning started with a bang, literally, a thunder storm and torrential rain. However this didn’t deter us too much as we had plenty to do on the computer until things improved. We had to go into town on some personal matters which happily didn’t take too long to resolve.

This afternoon as we were going over to the Maritime Museum we spotted 2 guys working on the Electricity junction box who informed us that power was now available on the pontoons.Yippee, the only snag there is that we leave here tomorrow. All the meters appear to be showing 2 units of power available (probably for test purposes) so tonight we will be on mains power and not the inverter. Don’t know how long 2 units will last but we will give it a go.

Mid afternoon and we thought that we would try and complete our visit to the Maritime Museum as we still had not been in the first floor naval display. This covers everything from the Royal Navy to the Merchant Navy, both world wars and how Liverpool became so important as a port.There were plenty of first hand experiences of ships being torpedoed, working across the Atlantic in mid winter and many others. Quite a large section was devoted to the Titanic, Lusitania and the Empress of Ireland. All three of these ships (in listed order) were sunk by hitting an iceberg, torpedoed by a German “U” boat and rammed by the Storstad, a Norwegian freighter. The Empress was travelling in thick fog at the time and the death toll was higher than that of either of the other 2 ships. Before we had completely viewed the whole floor we were ushered out of the building as it was 5pm and closing time.

Magical Mystery Tour 024 Titanic Memorial Mersey waterfront.

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