Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Moorings in Manchester!

There are lovely moorings at Castlefield close to the centre of Manchester.  In our opinion the best moorings are at Grocers Warehouse on the Bridgewater Canal but there are also moorings for about a dozen boats alongside the YHA. 

Manchester 023The moorings by the Manchester YHA, would only be a second choice to Grocers Warehouse.

The best way to access these is to reverse in under the railway bridges and past the hard to spot water point (under the bridge by the YHA).  There are several Bridgewater licensed boats here that may be long term.

Manchester International Festival 002 The walk bridge over the Bridgewater Canal at Castlefield with the 3 railway bridges behind.

The Grocers Warehouse moorings can be found to the right of the Rochdale Nine locks as you come into Manchester on the Bridgewater Canal.  There is a water point located almost under the Railway Bridge just before the Castlefield Junction where you can see the first of the Rochdale Nine locks ahead of you.  Go under the white footbridge and the canal winds around to the left up to a winding hole at Grocers Warehouse.  There are moorings on both sides with rings and bollards all the way.

Manchester 022 Manchester Moorings at Castlefield Junction.Manchester 129 Looking down from Grocers Warehouse on to the basin. Can you spot Gypsy Rover?Manchester 135 Looking back from the winding hole to Castlefield Basin Manchester.

After leaving Castlefield and ascending the Rochdale Nine locks if heading up the Ashton Canal towards Portland Basin we would recommend stopping at Piccadilly Village (just past the aqueduct) where there is room for 2 boats on rings and in a secure area inaccessible to the public ready to tackle the remaining 18 locks in the morning.

Ashton Canal 054Gypsy Rover at Piccadilly Village Manchester.


Adam said...

Thank you! Lots of valuable information. I think that looks like one of Debdale's sister ships moored behind you at Piccadilly basin (Rufford, possibly?). We're planning to start very early, and do all 27 locks in a day.

Derek and Dot said...

Your quite correct it was Rufford. Beware they and Halcyon had their ropes cut at Portland Basin opposite the marina. You need a large crew for all those locks.

ChristCentral said...

Hi Derek and Dot,

Could you tell me how to get mooring permition in the Manchester area? I particularly like the look of Castlefield.

What sort of mooring is there? Did you come across any residential mooring?

Thanks very much,


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Ben
Sorry can't help too much, Peel Holdings the owners of the Manchester Ship Canal have control over the moorings at Castlefield I believe. You also would probably need a permit for the Bridgewater Canal. There does appear to be some long term moorings there. Hope this helps.