Thursday, 11 August 2011

Another step closer.

Thursday and we are taking a breather from our hectic social calendar to catch up with more mundane things such as washing and packing before we leave March on Saturday for our final week in London.

A visit to the doctor this afternoon is planned and hopefully we will receive a prescription to tide us over for a time when we return to New Zealand.


Mary and Tony Price said...

Your beds are waiting in good ol' NZ. Looking forward to seeing you. :-) M.

Jenny and Robin said...

Not long now till the Kiwis fly home. Enjoy your last week in London and we will catch up soon.

nb piston broke said...

Sorry we never got to see you again before you left. Was lovely to have met you both, enjoy your travels round NZ all the best Lynne and Paul nb Piston Broke

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Lynne and Paul
Unfortunately we have been rushed off our feet lately but the motorhome should be on the boat tomorrow and then we can relax for the next few days in London. Great meeting you both enjoy the rest of your life afloat. Our travels will continue even if in another hemisphere.
Regards Dot and Derek