Thursday, 11 August 2011

It’s all happening.

The fish don't want to play today.The fish don't want to play today.Jim & Rosie, two waterways Icons.Jim & Rosie, two waterways Icons.

On Monday we slipped our moorings to return to March to hand back Nb Uccello and Bungie the dog to their rightful owners upon their return from Canterbury. With a very strong tail wind we made very good time and were lucky enough to find a mooring on the new moorings in the park from where we had started.

Derek locking down at Whittlesey for the final time.Derek locking down at Whittlesey for the final time.Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men in Whittlesey.Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men in Whittlesey.

Derek and Carrie arrived back in the early evening a bit weary after their travels especially with 2 hyperactive Grandsons in tow. After several hours couped up in the car these fellas had a bit of steam to let off so they had a bit of a run around in the park before Derek kindly gave us a lift back to our accommodation. It was rather sad leaving Uccello as this brings an end to an extraordinary 4 year adventure that many people just dream about. Still, who knows what the future may hold.

The Fens. You can see for miles.The Fens. You can see for miles and miles.Bungie doesn't think much of this sailing lark.Bungie doesn't think much of this sailing lark.Captain Dot and first mate Bungie.Captain Dot and first mate Bungie.

Tuesday and the phone was running hot with text messages to and from our agent in New Zealand and phone calls back and forth with Cranham Motorhomes regarding the state of play over repairs and keeping them abreast of the shipping arrangements. We also had a luncheon invitation with Dieter and Sheila, friends made through the March Model Railway Club.

Derek, Carrie and grandsons Jayden and HadenDerek, Carrie and grandsons Jayden and Aden

Wednesday and we were just as busy with a visit to the bank to transfer funds to the shipping company. We had originally been told that payment for shipping the Motorhome would need to be paid 14 days prior to shipping but as we only got the account on the 9th and shipment is due on the 17th this wasn’t going to happen. A £30 Chaps fee and the bank had the money transferred within a matter of hours much to our relief. After lunch we met up with Joe and Lesley from N/b Caxton with whom we had spent some time on the waterways. Again we headed off to the Wetherspoons new “Hippodrome” restaurant and bar in March for a lovely meal and talk of many happy hours boating and caravanning which we all partake in. It was great meeting up with Joe and Lesley once more before we head off to the other side of the world.

Joe and Lesley. Narrowboat's Caxton and Yarwood.Joe and Lesley. Narrowboat's Caxton and Yarwood.

In fact its has been a pleasure catching up with everybody. To those too far away who have sent their best wishes, thank you, you will be in our thoughts always.


Paul and El said...

Hi Guys
Sad that its all coming to an end, Iam sure you will have plenty of more adventures back in the "Land of the Long White Cloud"
I have to ask, if you had to choose, would or did you prefer the life on the water or the life in the motorhome?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Paul and Elaine
Both being Sagittarians, we love travelling anyway. We still think maybe the canals but there are pros and cons to both lifestyles. We wouldn't have missed either for the world. Good luck with your future plans.