Friday, 19 August 2011

We are Sailing.

Gypsy Rover at Park Coppice, Lake Coniston.

Well at least the motorhome is. “Loaded at 12.39 hours and sailed at 1800 hours 17th August aboard MV Tarago”. It was great weight off our shoulders to get the text giving us the above details. That’s now one less thing to worry about for a while.

A novel use for an old Route Master London bus.A novel use for an old Route Master London bus.

Watford Pond redisgned once again.Watford Pond redesigned once again.

Today we travelled by bus and train to Watford, my old home town for a look around. The only problem was the weather, because not long after we arrived it started to rain quite steadily. We managed to have a good wander around the High Street and then went into the Harlequin Centre where we managed to find some seating so that we could have our snack lunch we had bought with us.

Watford High Street near "The Pond".Watford High Street near "The Pond".

Watford Town Hall.Watford Town Hall.

Around town I noticed a few familiar bus service numbers but there were a lot of new one’s. Checking the bus routes at a bus shelter I found the number 10 operated by Arriva covered a fair bit of territory I was familiar with so we boarded one of these for a self styled guided tour. Other than some of the roads there was nothing much different to what I remember. The only changes spotted were both the schools I attended. The Leavesden Green Primary School had expanded but the old C of E school with the Headmasters house attached that was on the opposite side of the road had disappeared, now replaced by housing.

Watford High Street. Not quite a pedestrian precinct.Watford High Street. Not quite a pedestrian precinct.

Watford Football team mascot . The hornet.Watford Football team mascot . The Hornet.

Francis Combe Secondary Modern School for 11 to 16 year olds has now become Francis Combe Academy and probably goes on to 18 year olds now. Back at Watford Junction Railway Station it was still raining so we decided to start heading back to London and our accommodation at Tolworth.

Blue squashing Leo in the cat bed. These guys are brothers living at Tracey's flat in Tolworth.Blue squashing Leo in the cat bed. These guys are brothers living at Tracey's flat in Tolworth.


Anonymous said...

Not long to go now, the end of an era
Phil and Sally

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Phil & Sally,
Thanks for those thoughts. As one door closes another opens so who knows what the future may hold.