Monday, 8 August 2011

Relaxing week-end on the water.

Now moored at Whittlesey on Whittlesey Dike.

Our time here at Whittlesey has been spent fishing, reading and dog walking.  The fishing yesterday wasn’t too bad with a few reasonable sized fish and plenty of tiddlers but today has been poor with only a few Perch taking the bait. Dot has managed to get through over half of a book she bought with her.

As for the dog he pined for the first 24 hours and didn’t eat much but now we are the best of buddies. He’s still not eating as much as we were told to feed him but that won’t do him any harm.

While fishing off the stern deck a gentleman called from the opposite bank to say he followed our blog. Initially I thought he was referring to Nb Uccello but then he said “No Gypsy Rover”. He knew we were in the area and hoped to pass us somewhere along the way. Anyway welcome to our world to the crew of Nb Julanda, nice talking to you.

Floods Ferry marina with n/b Harnser in residence. The blue boat second from left.Floods Ferry Marina with Nb Harnser in residence. The blue narrowboat second from left.

Tomorrow we are heading back to March to hand Uccello and Bungie back to their owners who we trust will have had a good week-end back on Terra Firma.

Fox's boat yard and marina on the Middle Level at March. This is where our world of narrowboating was born.

Fox's boat yard and marina on the Middle Level at March. This is where our love of narrowboating was born back in 1995.

For those of you who have been following the saga of Nb Waiouru and sending their good wishes to Tom and Jan, a BIG thank you even though we see one couple who shall remain nameless coming out in support of Harp Narrowboats.

Because of all this delay and upheaval Tom and Jan now find themselves in a jam regarding accommodation for the next 3 – 6 months so if there is anybody out there with a boat, caravan or holiday home who is willing to loan or lend to them for this period please get in contact with either them directly or forward contact details to us to pass on to them. I know that they would truly appreciate any help in their hour of need.

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