Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hyde Park.

With greatly improved weather we headed off into London. We had a bit of a false start as we called into the local Lloyds bank to check on some arrangements we had been trying to get sorted. Once eventually underway we caught the bus to Surbiton station to catch a South West train service into Waterloo. Once there it was down onto the underground to Hyde Park.

Knightsbridge London.Knightsbridge London.

The horse lane through Hyde Park.The horse lane through Hyde Park.

Hyde Park Rose gardens.Hyde Park Rose gardens.

At the park hundreds of people were taking advantage of the fine weather. Down at the Serpentine there was a steady stream of people hiring the pedal boats for a cruise around the lake. Eventually our feet started complaining with so much walking so we headed back to the underground. At Waterloo we decided not to catch the train straight away but wander out to the Embankment and the London Eye. The crowds here were horrendous with a 30 minute wait to go on the “Eye” but we managed to squeeze through and have an ice cream overlooking the river. At 3pm Big Ben sounded off which gave me the feeling it was a parting gesture from London.

Beautiful displays in Hyde Park.Beautiful displays in Hyde Park.

The cycleway, horse lane and pedestrian walk through Hyde Park.The cycleway, horse lane and pedestrian walk through Hyde Park.

The Serpentine in Hyde Park.The Serpentine in Hyde Park.

Back at the flat we had to cancel the insurance on the motorhome as it’s now safely out of the country. With not having a scanner or printer at present this presented a problem but Sarah, the lady of the house said she had the required equipment upstairs and we were welcome to use it. Now this has been done it’s another chore ticked off the must do list.

Hyde Park and a lovely day for a picnic.Hyde Park and a lovely day for a picnic.

You wouldn't believe this was Hyde Park in the middle of London.You wouldn't believe this was Hyde Park in the middle of London.

Westminster and Big Ben.Westminster and Big Ben.

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