Friday, 5 August 2011

We are back on the Water.

Wednesday morning and here we were packing some overnight bags for a 5 day 4 night stay on narrowboat Uccello while the owners Derek and Carrie go off to Canterbury for a long week-end and a family christening. We will be looking after the boat and dog “Bungie” as he didn’t get an invite to the ceremony. After a trip to the opticians to have eye tests and order new glasses (now that's another story) we headed off to join Derek and Carrie for the afternoon and dinner.  Wow, wish I could cook like that.

Winking smile

Travelling buddies Derek & Carrie with grandson Aden. Moored at the end of the Wet navigation.

Derek and Carrie with grandson Aden. Moored at the end of the Wey Navigation back in April.

After getting ourselves settled on board Dot went to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces but we have decided to stay put due to the persistent rain. It turns out that it was wise decision as we have received a phone call from Cranham Motorhomes to say that they urgently need a document to be signed. Grrrrr. Why didn’t they give it to us on Monday? As we won’t be back in London until the 13th they will send one of their staff to meet me at our temporary accommodation tomorrow morning to complete the paperwork.

Warwick 012Bungie helping Carrie to moor Nb Uccello back in January 2010

Once this has been sorted out and if the weather improves we may cruise up to Whittlesey tomorrow and then Peterborough on Saturday returning on Sunday or Monday depending on whether we do the return in one or two stages depends on how energetic we feel. We may be a little out of practice.


Les Biggs said...

Nice to see you both getting a canal boat fix before you head home.
Bon Voyage.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Les
Thanks for your kind comments. We both wish you and Jacquie all the best together in your life afloat.