Saturday, 6 August 2011

Off cruising.

Now moored at Whittlesey on the River Nene Old River

Visitors for breakfast!Visitors for breakfast!

Today turned out to be another eventful occasion with workers arriving outside the boat before 8am and erecting a Gazebo. Shortly after a cruiser arrived all bedecked in buntings and moored ahead of us. It was at this point that I had to walk the dog before walking back to our temporary accommodation in March for an unexpected meeting. As I stepped off our boat the skipper of the cruiser approached me asking when I intended leaving as it was the official opening of the new March Park moorings. The ceremony was to be officiated by his worship “The Mayor” at 10.30am. I said that I would be unable to move the boat much before lunch so he then asked if we had any buntings to decorate the boat. Of course the answer to this was “No”. How were we to know the opening was this morning, it wasn’t advertised and they only decided last night, how ridiculous!

We were all alone 5 minutes ago!We were all alone 5 minutes ago!

Mr Mayor all ready to cut the ribbonMr Mayor all ready to cut the ribbon

As I walked off along the river side to my meeting I spotted several other boats heading to the park all covered in buntings so I rang Dot to warn her and just allow them to breast up to save any dis- agreement. Back at our temporary accommodation I had to wait until well after midday as the person I was to meet had been held up by an overturned caravan on the motorway. When he finally arrived he had a document that should have been made available to me when we were at Cranham Motorhomes on Monday. They also wanted another document which I was unsure as to whether I had ever seen it and if I had, it was in a document folder left with the boss on Monday.  I was rather annoyed over this as we had kept in contact with Cranham Motorhomes at every turn of the process and the arrangements for last Monday had been made 3 weeks previously. Hopefully everything will get sorted out on time.

I eventually got back to the boat about 1pm and after a bite of lunch and a quick walk in the park for Bungie we set off for a leisurely cruise to Whittlesey. After working up through the lock we found there was just enough room on the moorings if we winded first and reversed onto the moorings.

The boys out cruisingThe boys out cruising

Havent we seen them before?Haven't we seen them before?


Nb Yarwood said...

I bet you are just loving this boating lark again!!
PS. See you Wednesday

Yacht Charter Dubai said...

Hello Derek,

What a nice pictures, and interesting story it is.Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post with us. Keep Sharing.....

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Lesley
Just can't keep away. Yep see you Wednesday.

Carol said...

Hi Both - nice to see you on the water again - enjoy! George thought he saw you in the camper on the M5/6 on Tuesday last week - could he have been right?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol and George
No not guilty this time must have been our twin brother. We wont see Gypsy Rover again now until late September when she is due to arrive in New Zealand.
In the meantime we will reminesce on our great times on the canals and all the wonderful friends we have made in the last 5 years.