Thursday, 23 November 2006

Bought and Sold

2 Locks and 4 miles.
The start of the day was leisurely with just 2 locks and a quick top up of water above Norwood top lock. From here it was a clear run to Bulls Bridge and Tesco’s where we had a moderate shopping list to fulfill.
Now I must digress a wee bit here to say that since carrying out the electrical up grade last month we have had a sign in our window advertising the old equipment we had upgraded from was for sale.
Now we had barely moored up at Bulls Bridge when there was a knock on the hull and another boater asked if he could have a look at one of the articles for sale. After checking it out he asked how long we planned to stay at the Tesco mooring as he wanted to make sure that the piece of equipment would do what he wanted and he would get back to us.
Off we trotted to Tesco’s to return an hour later with a full trolley load of goodies. We had not even got the groceries on board when the boater returned saying that he would buy the equipment and would I accept a lower offer. Well you never look a gift horse in the mouth so deal done and he went away a happy chappie.

Anybody want to buy a Sterling 1800W Inverter that’s had very little use?

After leaving Tesco’s we travelled to a spot between bridge 194 and 195 where we are now moored for the night. We had been looking for a mooring for quite a while as the light faded but the canal is very shallow on the tow path until we found this one of the few good mooring spots up as far as Cowley Peachey junction.
The sign in the picture is on the bridge over the canal at Norwood top lock. You can see where the word Junction has been ground off the top and the bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic.

The other picture speaks for itself.

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