Wednesday, 22 November 2006


8 Locks and 2 3/4 miles.
After watering up and a pump out we bid farewell to Brentford and started our journey up the Grand Union canal. At the Osterley lock we met up with the BW staff that had been cleaning up the rubbish at Brentford the day before. As they knew of our intended travel plans they had cleaned up all the rubbish at Osterley lock and the pound above it because it was absolutely impassable. Earlier this morning they had escorted another boat through the rubbish by pushing a path way through with the other boat following close behind. They then set to cleaning up the mess and filled one of BW’s working barges and were part way through a second barge load by the time we arrived. It makes you wonder where all the rubbish comes from??
From here it was plain sailing until we got to Hanwell lock 94 when we were bombarded by a hail storm. We had seen the black clouds gathering and had had some fine drizzle but the hailstorm, which only lasted above 5 minutes, certainly sent the temperature plumetting.
We are now sitting just below Hanwell lock 91 where we decided to call it a day due to failing light. We did not want to get caught in the dark as we are not used to it getting dark so quickly.
The bridge pictured is Gallows Bridge which takes the tow path from one side of the canal to the other. I wonder how many horses have been over this bridge prior to barges becoming self propelled.

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