Saturday, 4 November 2006

Nearly finished.

Our engineer arrived mid-morning for another session on our electrics. He has just about completed the installation of the inverter but is stuck for a larger than usual overload cutout which he hopes to have by Friday night and will install on Saturday.

We now have an exhaust pipe that doesn’t leak and fill the engine hole with diesel fumes and associated gunk. The starter battery also has a new cradle on the swim in the engine hole.

Talking about engine holes, Derek borrowed Farncombe’s pump out machine and pumped all the water out of the engine hole. There is a bilge pump but it only pumps out 1 compartment and our engine hole is divided into 4 compartments. He intends to rectify this problem and slap a bit of paint around as soon as it’s all dry. It will make it easier to spot faults early and a cleaner working environment.

As we’re obviously still going to be in the area tomorrow night we will head up to Godalming to watch the bonfire and fireworks display to celebrate Guy Fawkes.

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