Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Leaving Tomorrow

Still at Brentford Lock.
On Saturday we decided that as the weather was fine we would go into Oxford and Regent Street’s to try and get a “T” mobile data card for the computer and check out the Xmas lights. After several hours wandering around the streets of London we finally found a “T” mobile shop and bought a data card which we had to take back on Monday as we were unable to maintain internet connections due to a conflict in software. The staff in the shop were very helpful and had told us when we bought the card,” any problems, bring your computer into the shop and we will set it up for you.” After nearly an hour and a new set of instructions the “T” Mobile assistant had the thing up and running. Now we have internet aboard we will be able to update the blog and keep up with correspondence much quicker.
Once darkness fell we then strolled up both Oxford and Regent Street’s photographing the lights which we felt were a bit of a disappointment. I think the designers of this years lighting display have lost touch with what Xmas is all about. No reindeer, sleigh’s, fairies or pixies or the big man himself but commercial advertising which meant nothing to us. I suppose it might mean something to children here as we thought the characters displayed were probably cartoon characters or something similar. Debenhams store front and Hamley’s toy shop were the only real displays to make somebody feel that Xmas is just around the corner but I am afraid the rest of the lights left us wanting and would only give them a 5/10 rating.

While in London on Monday we took Tracey out to lunch for her birthday but we are sworn to secrecy as to her real age.
Just sufficient to say that her age is getting closer to the time when birthdays start going backwards if you get what I mean. On the way home we called into Curry’s and bought ourselves a colour TV together with DVD player for the long cold winter nights.

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