Saturday, 25 November 2006

Pushing on

6 Locks and 6 miles.
Despite constant showers we had to bite the bullet and push on because we had found out that there is going to be a protest over the Save Our Waterways campaign at Batchworth lock in Rickmansworth on Saturday afternoon. They are hoping for up to a hundred boats to take part so there is going to be some congestion in that area. As the protest is not going to take place until 2pm on Saturday we are unsure if we can delay our travels to our winter moorings that long but we have signed the protest email to Parliament.
When we arrived at Batchworth lock there was already a lot of boats breasted up 2 and 3 deep below the lock so we proceeded through the lock hoping to find a mooring above the lock. This proved to be a problem as we have now travelled over ½ mile and are now in sight of the next lock before finding a mooring. We will walk back to Batchworth in the morning to see what’s happening and take some photos as there are at least three working pairs moored close together.
This photograph was a rare sight parked on the towpath but we are unsure as to its heritage. Its probably WW2 vintage but American or German, who knows?
Over the last few days we have seen some horrendous wrecks of boats along the way which people appear to be living on and what crossed our minds was if they are licenced by BW how the hell they pass a survey to be able to re-licence the boats is beyond belief.

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