Thursday, 2 November 2006

Increased power.

We had a very pleasant surprise yesterday when the engineer who is doing our electrical modifications turned up unexpectedly. We were unsure as to when he was going arrive due to a heavy work load but he had a cancellation yesterday so he gave us his undivided attention for the whole day. He has now fitted the second 110amp/hr alternator, and alternator to battery charger and the Sterling 3000w pure sine wave inverter. The latter is not fully operational due to a couple of connectors being unavailable. However the battery charging system is now working a treat so no more shortage of power. WHOOPEE!!!!

Derek has been busy making extra shelves for various cupboards and has adapted a 4 tier sliding basket storage unit to fit into the kitchen cupboard. We are gradually resolving the storage problem which hopefully will mean a tidy boat.

The next thing on the agenda is to check out the Mikuni central heating unit as the night time temperatures are starting to drop and we had our first hint of a frost last night.

The photo attached is of a WWII bunker or pill box as they were known we passed on our way up to Farncombe from Guildford. It is surprising how far inland from the coast it is, these bunkers were installed at strategic places around London to protect the city from waterway enemy incursions. There are quite a few still in existence around here and one local house owner has one at the bottom of his garden on which he is building what appears to be a summer house where he can sit and survey the scene over his back fence to the river and fields beyond.

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