Saturday, 4 November 2006

Double whammee’s.

Due to our delayed departure from the river Wey we decided to move up to Godalming wharf to stock up with groceries from Sainsburys and a few other bits and pieces. While I went to the library to check emails etc Derek went to Jewsons hardware to try and get some hardwood to finish modifying the seat over the battery box. They apparently only had some 5 x 1 which was twice the width he wanted and they didn’t have a cutting service but they managed to arrange for him to get it cut down to size by a cabinet maker about ½ mile away. So Derek set off with this 6 foot length of heavy timber over his shoulder to find this cabinet maker. Eventually he found the place called Huxley Joinery and the guy there was most obliging and kindly did the job for nothing. So there are still some good Samaritans about.

Of course he then had to walk about a mile back to the boat with 2 lengths of timber on his shoulder. Life’s tough eh!

Tonight was also the Lions Club firework and bonfire night which was held directlyopposite from where we are moored so we were in the pound seats, so to speak. The four pictures are of the bonfire before and during incineration and a couple of shots by Derek of fireworks beautifully mirrored in the calm water hence double whammee.

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