Monday, 27 November 2006

Night cruise.

8 Locks and 3 miles.
We were in no hurry to go anywhere this morning due to heavy rain so Derek put up some coat hooks that we bought in Denham marina. He also found enough bits to fit our new extractor fan/light in the vent in the bathroom. It has improved the lighting and will help to keep the room dry.
By 1.30pm the weather had improved so we decided to pull the pins and put some more mileage under our belts. By the time we got to Hunton Bridge locks the light was starting to fade and we were looking at our options when another boat caught up with us and asked if we wanted to lock through together on the next lock to which we agreed. After going through North Grove lock Derek thought that the other boat was going to do 1 more lock so we pressed on into Home Park lock even though it was dark. After setting up the lock and going in we wondered what had happened to the other boat. After a quick look back down the towpath the other boat appeared to have moored for the night so as we were already committed to go through so we carried on and moored up about ¼ mile above the lock. The only problem being is we cannot get in close to the bank as it’s shallow so we are sitting about 2 feet out from the bank. Ho hum such is life, not an experience we would like to repeat, daylights hours from now on.

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