Monday, 7 April 2008

Any generous donor's out there?

Still moored at Kate Boats Warwick

Today we received an email copy of "The Navigator" from the Buckingham Canal Society. They have printed a story I wrote about my family connections to the canal which has added a bit more history to their archives. They also report 12 new members in the last quarter which is good news but the best news of all is that Wren Recycling Environmental Ltd have generously granted the society a £38,000 donation to restore Hyde Lane lock. Contractors are due to start work about now but the society is about £6000 short for the total cost. They plan on some serious fund raising to make up the short fall so if there are any generous benefactor's out there I'm sure that the society would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile back on the home front I have been very busy building a new cover around the water pump, turned a couple of off cut's from the old seating into a couple of shelves in the bathroom and having another crack at building some storage steps up into the front cratch. At present we only have a stool which is the wrong height.

I see that the subject of "Continuous Cruiser's" is back on the agenda with the licencing review.

It's the bridge hopper's, who just move backwards and forwards along the same stretch of canal, to enable them to be close to their place of employment and that claim they are Continuous Cruisers that are giving genuine CC's a bad name.
A condition of being a Continuous Cruiser should be a log book showing all the boats movements and endorsed by BW staff or boat yard personnel verifying the boats location on any given date. Bus, lorry and taxi drivers all have to keep records of their operating hours so why not Continuous Cruisers?



I suppose that's one of the advantages of keeping a regular blog, if ever questioned we have a record of where we were on any one day.

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Elli said...

Gorgeous photos! Doesn't snow look lovely on a sunny day with blue sky.

Keep those photos coming - they keep our motivation going for what seems like an almost impossible dream.

Mick & Elli in OZ