Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wouldn't you know it, Murphy's Law

Still moored at Rugby

After a trip into town to see the doctor this morning it was time to catch up on some more chore's. In the course of my work,a visit down the engine hole was necessary which was just as well as I discovered that the water pump on the central heating was leaking. It was OK up until yesterday. I tried to cure the problem without success so after a phone call to Mikuni I found that the pump is not serviceable so had to order a new one. Another £123 plus freight but it will be at Clifton Cruiser's by Wednesday. In the meantime the heating is working and I have a bucket under the pump catching the drips, I will just have to keep topping up the header tank.

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PhilandPat said...

oh dear - you aren't having much luck with your heating system at the moment are you??!!? Have you considered investing in thermals ...just in case??!!
take care
Pat and Phil (nb.hyperion)