Friday, 11 April 2008

Up and running again.

Still moored at Kate Boats Warwick

Late this morning a courier delivered our Mikuni central heating unit to our door so I have spent this afternoon down in the engine hole re-installing the beast. I had ordered a new exhaust pipe and silencer as the old one was only held together with silicone after falling apart last time it was out for servicing. The new silencer is about 4 inches longer than the original so this meant a modification but that's no problem to us Kiwi's who have a reputation for DIY and being innovative. Due to the extra length I had to buy some more exhaust wrap which wasn't long enough but re-using the old wrap I have covered it sufficiently until the old stuff disintegrates when I will recover the whole lot.

After a couple of false starts the heater is now up and running and noticeably quieter than before which can only be a good thing. Other than a normal service the only thing that I am aware of being repaired is a new boiler tube which had seen better days. Not too bad for 4 years wear and tear.

Tomorrow we will move up to the service area to collect another gas bottle which ran out last night, settle the account with Kate boats and then we are away again. We may have to make a fleeting visit to Rugby to see the doctor after my recent hospital tests but after that it's The Fens here we come. With this in mind Dot did 2 full loads of washing and drying making the most of being connected to power. Now everything is clean and with all the alterations done in Warwick with the new sets of drawer units and new steps to the front deck we have a different boat.

1028 locks, 1345½ miles, 40 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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