Thursday, 3 April 2008

At Long Last

Still moored at Warwick on the Grand Union Canal

Derek has spent the day replacing the bedside cabinets that were fitted in the boat when it was built with beside drawers.  We found the sets of drawers not far from where we are and the sizes were exactly right.  We have been on the lookout for something similar since moving aboard 18 months ago.  Drawers are much easier to manage with clothes rather than cupboards.  With some small adaptation they fitted into the existing cupboards with the doors removed.  Great job he has made of them too.  One would never know that they weren't there all along.

If we are very lucky according to Mikuni we may have our central heating unit back by the weekend.  Hope so, snow is forecast again for Tuesday


Eastgate part of the original town wall


Church Street Warwick leading to the castle


The worlds largest Trebuchet


The trebuchet is manpowered,

look closely and you will see two people walking around the wheels

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