Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hospital that wasn't

Still moored at Kate Boats Warwick

warwick 042

Today we visited the Lord Leychester Hospital in Warwick which is not and never has been a hospital in the true sense of the word. It started life as the home of Warwick Guild with a chapel, great hall and guildhall dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Lord Leycester acquired this group of buildings in 1571 and turned them into a home for returned servicemen and their wives which is still its function to this day. The Master's garden dates back 500 years. The residents run the establishment which is open to the public and the entry fee's go towards the upkeep of the property. Over the years it has been used many times by film makers to make movies and documentaries. They were filming an amateur production of Beauty and the Beast today all dressed in period costumes.

We received a phone call this afternoon that our Mikuni heating unit is ready and was to be picked up by Courier this afternoon, we should have it tomorrow. Once it is back in the boat we can contiue cruising hoorah.
Mac and Jacquie on Nb Skyy passed us this morning and I had a few words with Mac from across the cut. They are newly retired and have a blog here.

Warwick Almshouses

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