Sunday, 6 April 2008

What! Snow in April?

Still moored at Warwick on the Grand Union Canal

warwick 004

Crazy and heavy too. See they were right! It amazes us how accurate the forecasting is in this country compared to New Zealand. You are able to plan your day so easily if you want to plan around the weather. A good forecasting system is great on the canal as we plan our cruising according to the weather. We are lucky in that respect as we have no true schedule to keep and have no constraints. It is a beautiful sunny day now so the snow should melt quite quickly.

warwick 002

In New Zealand being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the closest country is Australia the oceans make the weather forecasting very hard to predict. Changes very quickly and definitely can't be predicted by an almost hourly forecast like we have here. We have just been watching the news on TV and the snow is widespread over most of the country. Beautiful postcard pictures but I am glad I am not driving on the roads with the ice.Our little fan heater is working overtime due to our Mikuni central heating still not back from service. Maybe this week? Right we'll see.

warwick 013

warwick 016

warwick 008

Snow on the back cover shows the depth of the snow

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