Saturday, 12 April 2008

We're on the move

2 miles and 2 aqueducts, Now moored at Bridge 40 Leamington Spa

About mid morning we cut our tie's with the land based power supply and moved up to Kate Boats service area to pick up a new gas tank and settle our account. Before we left we had a good chat with Molly, the office receptionist and thanked her for their hospitality and enquired about the companies mode of operation, i.e sponsorship boats and boat building.

leamington spa 005

After reversing back to the winding hole and winding the boat we set off for Leamington Spa and wouldn't you know it, the sky opened and the rain arrived. We only travelled a short distance to the moorings alongside the Tesco's supermarket where we re-loaded the pantry to last us until we reach Rugby. After this short intermission we carried on to Leamington Spa where we are now moored between bridge's 40 and 41 along with 3 other boats.

leamington spa 010

Mid afternoon and the weather improved so we wandered up town for the obligatory visit and sight seeing. This town has an uncanny resemblance to Bath in it's architecture but it does have a very nice park alongside the river Leam which even on a cold day like today was very much in demand. After wandering through several stores looking for a new, hard to find, whistling kettle we finally found one in Robert Dyas.

Since returning to the boat we have had 3 people banging on the boat, 1 teenager and 2 drunks so I hope that this does not carry on throughout the night. Needless to say we will be leaving here tomorrow for somewhere quieter.

1028 locks, 1347½ miles, 40 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Alison Smith said...

Hello Derek and Dot,

Move on if you isn't a great spot. Go up to Radford Semele it is peaceful and calm.

Much love

nb Happyhome

Alison Smith said...

I hope the rest of your night is undisturbed!

Glad to hear your heating is fixed by the way!