Thursday, 17 April 2008

Underway again.

3 locks and 10½ miles , Now moored at Braunston

Our first job of the day was a trip to the Rugby Wharf arm where we winded the boat to head back down South. Derek and Christina on Kalimera were already facing the right way so they took off to get diesel at Clifton Cruisers which was our next port of call for diesel, water and hopefully a new water pump.

We had no sooner moored up at Clifton Cruisers when our parcel was delivered to the boat, that's what we call service. Another 80 litre's at 70p per litre and we were on our way to catch up with Kalimera at Hillmorton where they were going to water up after doing 2 loads of washing along the way. We struck lucky going through Hillmorton locks with on coming boats making locking easier.

There was surprisingly a lot of boat's on the move considering it was mid week but most were hire boats. At Braunston we were lucky in that we found a couple of moorings below bridge 91 opposite the pub. Several hours later it was a different story with lots of boats looking for moorings that were in short supply along here.

The Mikuni water pump may have to wait a few days to be fitted as the new pump is a different shape to the original so some modifications on its mounting are on the cards. In the meantime I will just keep topping up the header tank and emptying the bucket under the leaking pump, I will have to ensure that I have plenty of time to do the job so we are not left out in the cold so to speak. Never a dull moment with this boat maintenance business. 

1057 locks, 1382½ miles, 40 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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