Monday, 29 June 2009

Marking Time!

Although Derek had hurt his back sometime over the weekend he still made the decision to go down the Marple flight of locks on Sunday.

Macclesfield 081 Lockside Mill at Lock 9 of the Marple flight.

We did the flight in 2½ hours, (an average of under 10 minutes a lock) not a bad time considering but all except one were set in our favour for a change which helped. We changed over at each lock so we both had an equal share of the work, we have not done this before but it worked well. You had a break of one lock to recuperate ready for the next alternate one.

Macclesfield 078 No, not the Chirk Aqueduct but the very similar Marple Aqueduct and Railway Viaduct.

However this has not helped with his back and we will have to sit it out and hope it improves before we head down the final locks into Manchester. Apparently these are very heavy and the maintenance leaves a lot to be desired. So with my lingering shoulder injury (it is now 7 months) we are a right pair.


Nicholas said...

I hope the back and the shoulder are all healed soon .... doing the Rochdale and the Huddersfield will be quite a challenge even when you are fighting fit but I am sure you will have a great time. I look forward to reading about it.
Best Wishes
Nick Ferrar

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Nick
Thanks for that hopefully it wont be too long before we move. We realise that this is a challenging area,
Regards Dot

Jenny and Robin said...

Sorry to read that you are both suffering injuries - hope the aches and pains ease soon.

And yes, doesn't the Marple Aqueduct with the adjacent Railway look very similar to the Chirk Aqueduct. We well remember crossing over the Chirk with you when we were cruising the Llangollen last year!!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
Thought you would be interested in that photo. Hopefully we will visit the museum here today and then head off into Manchester early tomorrow morning.