Thursday, 4 June 2009

Westport lake.

We are actually close to the old railway bridge between bridge’s 127 & 128 but it doesn’t have a number. It is now a road access bridge to the car park for the Westport Lake.

Radio controlled model yacht's on Westport lake, Longport, Stoke on Trent.

Today’s weather has been considerably cooler than the last 4 day’s and mainly overcast. As I sit here writing this blog the clouds are breaking up and the sun is finally showing a rather late appearance.

This morning we went for a walk to work out the shortest route to the railway station as we have to catch a train back to Rugby for a day. The area of Longport that we were walking through still shows the industrialisation that the potteries were famous for with many 19th century warehouse buildings and a couple of the famous bottle kiln’s. A couple of the warehouses have had serious fires in them since we were last here, one of which is on Longport Wharf where Stoke on Trent boats reside.

The potteries are not only famous for their porcelain but chimney pot as well.

The railway station was typical North Stafford Railway company design but sadly the windows and doors on the platform side have all been boarded up and they have been very cleverly painted so that from a distance the windows and doors look as if they are still there. There seems to have been a large good’s yard here operated by EWS railways but by the way mother nature is taking over they don’t appear to be in current use.

Longport station, Stoke on Trent. All the doors and windows are actually boarded up and painted.

Another sign of the times was the boarded up pubs, The Railway Inn and The Duke of Bridgewater were closed and the Pack Horse Inn appeared to be in use but was securely locked up as we walked past just after midday.

Another pub on the market.

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