Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wet , wet, wet - as forecast

Well today was a chill day for Derek, sleeping, making apples pies and watching television. Well it was too cold to put that top coat in the cratch so I’ll let him off.

Me? well I have spent the day on the computer backing up the blog month by month. Slow process but I’m half way there now. Blogger have an export feature but I found it easier to copy each month and paste into a word document, thus keeping all the photos and placement as well. I also get a copy of each entry we put up emailed to us, but with gmail it is hard to print it off, so I am doing it the long way. All I need to do is continue it at the end of each month.

One day who knows we may decide to get a hard copy of it to reminisce over in our rocking chairs.


Bruce in Sanity said...

I do it the other way round: I create the post in Word, then cut and paste it into Blogger. It means I have a copy of them all in a folder on the Mac, and can cope if the connection starts playing silly b's in mid post.

All the best


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Bruce
Yes we used to do that but now use windows live writer, with photos it is slow to publish so I add the photos online. Do you insert your photos in the word document and then just cut and paste. Havent tried that only text.
Take care Dot

Mary and Tony Price said...

We did ours in word first too, but added the photos on Piccassa. Love to you both M

Tom and Jan said...

Why don't you use Microsoft Writer. You can create, edit, paste photo's, etc and when happy save a copy. Writer also enables you to create a link to your blog and upload your latest creation


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Mary and Tony and Harry
Yes we used to do that but now use Microsoft Live Writer but unfortunately although livewriter saves it we are unable to locate the files on the computer. Any ideas?
Take care Dot