Friday, 19 June 2009

Mooring’s, Where?

0 locks, 7½ Miles, 1 Swing bridge. Now moored at bridge 25.

With a greatly improved weather outlook we set off this morning but only got about half a mile when the engine had a sudden change of tone and began labouring badly. Only thing for it was to pull in and a visit down the weed hatch. Well we only managed to get the bow in sufficiently for Dot to make land fall and secure a couple of ropes. Ten minutes later a 2 ft x 2 ft carpet square  was removed and disposed of where it would cause no further problems.

Macclesfield 048One of the unusual turnover bridges on the Macclesfield Canal

At Freedom boats, (very friendly bunch), we pulled in for diesel, a replacement gas tank which ran out a couple of days ago and a few bits and pieces. The visitor moorings were full so we pushed to Adelphi Mill where there were moorings available but Dot was concerned about the noise coming from the building and would it go on all night? With this concern we carried on to Clarence Mill but there no moorings available when we arrived. Nothing for it  but to keep moving. We tried various other places but they were all too shallow. A passing boater told us that good moorings could be found between bridge’s 24 & 25 which is where we are now but we are sat firmly on a muddy bottom, at least we are in against the bank.

Macclesfield 053Clarence Mill in Bollington

We are really out in the country here, needless to say our internet connection although 3g is erratic, so fingers crossed we will stay connected long enough for this to upload.

1671 locks, 3513½ miles, 62 Tunnels, 47 swing bridges and 47 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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nb piston broke said...

We have found to that the moorings are a bit sparse up here and after 6 hours cruising yesterday were very gratefull to get in here near bridge 29 just before Bollington we to are sat on the bottom at least we dont get knocked up against the side. Which way are you going? We are going to head for Whaley Bridge.