Sunday, 14 June 2009

Pushing on.

1 Lock, 6 Miles. Now moored at Hightown Aqueduct.

We had no plans on doing much today but after a walk up to Tesco’s and a visit to the local caravan and motor home chandlery. We decided that it was too nice a day to stay where we were so we pulled the pins and set off.

Congleton 004 Macclesfield Canal, Congleton. One of the few swan families seen this year.

Surprisingly there were not that many boats on the move so it was a pretty hassle free trip. At Hall Green lock, which only has a rise of 1 foot, we replenished the water tank as we are not too sure on the frequency of water points here in the North.

As per usual we were the first boat to moor up here but we have now been joined by 3 other boats. Mind you this is a very scenic mooring with a valley spreading out on both sides of us and on our left is a railway viaduct on the Manchester line. I have been watching what trains are using this line and thought to myself, “ Wouldn’t it be great to see a steam train travel over this route”. Now that would something really stunning. Dream’s are free.

Congleton 009 Local commuter train about to stop at Congleton.

After lunch I thought I had better take a peek down the weed hatch as I had been hearing something flicking off the rudder all morning. Well what a dog’s breakfast, plastic, knickers, packing twine, mooring rope and a hunk of electrical wire. This little lot took some shifting but half an hour later the prop was all clear once more.

Congleton 011

What a bird's nest. Twine, wire, knickers, plastic and mooring rope in that little bundle.

1659 locks, 3500 miles, 62 Tunnels, 45 swing bridges and 47 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Jenny and Robin said...

What's Dot putting her knickers down the weed hole for? New form of washing machine?

Derek and Dot said...

Yeah right, she's still got hers, someone elses, doesnt the mind boggle.