Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time to do some painting.

Since we have arrived here we have been the only boat to stay more than 24hrs. Every morning all the other boats leave and we are all on our lonesome until mid to late afternoon when another flotilla of boats arrive for the night. Come morning and they are underway again. Strange really as these are nice moorings. Perhaps I need to change my underarm deodorant.LOL.

Beautiful view across the lake

With ideal weather and a good mooring I decided it was time to set to and repaint the front cratch after the recent modifications. The hardest part was lifting the rubber matting which had been glued to the deck. Once that was out of the way it was time to get out the grinder with a heavy duty wire brush fitted and deal to the rust. Once this had been completed it was given a coat of Owatrol oil which is a good rust treatment and paint additive to boot. So far I have put on 2 primer/undercoats and hopefully if the weather is not too bad tomorrow I will start on the top coat.

Hows this view from the boat?

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