Sunday, 28 June 2009

Old Acquaintances - Snecklifter

Peak Forest 088 Mike and Liz (original owners of Nb Snecklifter) with Derek at Marple

A few days ago we were contacted by Mike and Liz Holloway ex owners of Nb Snecklifter as we are currently within an hours drive of their new land base. They duly arrived as arranged this morning for a cuppa and a chin wag about what’s been happening on the cut and catching up on our adventures and plans.

After 6 and a bit years on the cut they sold Snecklifter but Mike still has that hankering to get back on the water even just for a short while every now and then. It was great to meet up with them again and to see them both looking well.

Late this afternoon while writing the blog the diesel boat Alton came cruising by so we hailed them in for diesel. We only took 45 litres but that means we are all set to get through Manchester and beyond.

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