Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tut, tut, Tesco’s

Our Tesco delivery was scheduled for between 9am and 11am this morning. When we got the phone call from the delivery driver to confirm our position we were told “I’m not delivering to the boat, I’ve been told I don’t have to”. Excuse me!

I went and met our not too friendly driver at the arranged meeting point and told him that after having had at least 10 deliveries previously, where they were all delivered to the door so to speak, this was the first time we had found a problem. It is Tesco’s policy to deliver to the fridge door I believe.

The problem turned out to be that initially he had not been provided with a trolley or barrow and secondly he had no computer, everything was by the old printed matter method. Oh dear, how sad.

I grabbed the first 2 baskets and strode off towards the boat which was less than a 100 yards along the towpath, ( the photo below shows the distance, he parked by the footbridge) no further than what he would have to walk to some houses. By the time I reached the boat the driver had had second thoughts and followed me with the rest of the delivery. We have contacted Tesco’s who promised to ring us back but as of yet no response.

Due to the inclement weather we opted to stay put today and hopefully conditions will improve tomorrow and we will be under way again.

Macclesfield 032Royal Oak electrically operated swing bridge on the Macclesfield Canal

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