Monday, 20 July 2009

Friends from Down Under drop in.

Liverpool 076 Spot Gypsy Rover at Salthouse Dock, Liverpool!

Even though we are virtually in the centre of Liverpool with traffic, bars and restaurants all around us we had a very peaceful night last night, and this morning were awoken by the call of the seagulls. Liverpool 070One of three amphibious ex military vehicles (Yellow Ducks) cruising the Liverpool Docks.

Today we had arranged to meet Tom and Jan from Adelaide, Australia  who are in the planning process of getting a narrowboat built. We have been in contact for some time discussing various aspects of building a boat and this is the second time they have visited us. Today was more about aspects of living in the UK more than anything else.

As they have just spent some time on a Black Prince hire boat they had some un-used provisions among which were some Griffins Gingernut Biscuits (the best gingernuts in the world) and some Australian Girl Guide biscuits which they left with us.

Liverpool 104

They also shouted us lunch at the Gusto restaurant for services rendered. Amongst our BW info pack for the Liverpool Link were some discount vouchers, one of which was one for this particular restaurant so that came in quite handy.

It was nice to see you again guys, thanks again for the provisions and lunch, hope to see you again in the not too distant future.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Are these the same Tom & Jan?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Paul
Yes you've got it in one. Hence the kiwi gingernuts and Guide biscuits. You can find us kiwis everywhere and yes you are right they now live in Australia. Unfortunately I didnt take a photo, silly of me. We were too busy talking.
Take care Dot

Sue said...

Hello there. Today we saw your lovely boat in the dock. My daughter, dog and I walked from Bootle strand to the Albert dock. It was good fun. The dog fell in the canal, shes crazy. We came over from Wallasey. We met Matilda at the top lock waiting to come down. They seem like lovely people and have travelled a lot. Can't wait to bring our boat down next year. Enjoy your time in Liverpool. Sue x

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue
Isn't Liverpool a lovely place we feel privileged to moor in the docks,
Regards Dot

Anonymous said...

Hello from sunny Napier.

Originally from England and spent 35 years in Stokes Valley. Now own Pania Lodge Motel.
Gingernuts...well I would savour them as Griffins have changed their methods and baking and unfortunately the new ginger nut is appalling. So many people and TV shows saying that they've got it wrong.
Same goes for many of their lines including our favourite the Dundee biscuits.
The gingernut is smaller, harder (takes ages to dunk) and not the "gingery" flavour after taste. What a shame.
Enjoy your time and keep up the website please.