Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ain’t seen it so busy for so long.

10 Locks, 9 Miles. Now moored at Salt.

Today was going to be the final long day to ensure Epiphany reached Great Haywood Marina by tomorrow morning. Considering this is Autumn we have never seen so many boats on the move in one day since we ventured North many month’s ago. Admittedly it is school’s mid term break and the weather being mild has probably got a fair bit to do with it. Compared with the Southern waterways the Northern canals are greatly under utilised and very quiet.

Salt 017 Lock 29 and bridge 95 at Stone, Trent & Mersey Canal. The little tunnel was for the horses.

At Stone we stopped for lunch and had a quick trip into town for a few bits and bobs. As there was only 1 mooring available we had to breast up but the canal is amply wide enough to handle it. Just as we were setting off after lunch Nb Aotearoa came up through Star lock with Colin and Ann aboard heading for a new mooring on the Llangollen canal which is closer to home for them. They had been following our progress but thought that they would miss us so were quite chuffed when they found us.

Salt 019 Market day in Stone.

Below Aston lock we were surprised at the size of the new Aston Marina. The first stage is now in use with some boats already in situ. The second part of the marina is due to be filled with water next month and eventually the stop planks between the 2 halves will be removed and it will become one huge marina.

Salt 022 Part of the new Aston Marina now open but work goes on.Salt 027Looking across the Aston marina from the southern entrance across the causeway between the 2 halves.

At Aston lock we lost contact with Epiphany due to so many boats passing through. We were beginning to think we were not going to catch up with them as the light was fading due to the late hour. After what seemed an age of cruising we finally found them moored up just before bridge 82. Within an hour of us mooring up it was dark.

Salt 032 Unusual for us to be still cruising at this time.  Sunset on the Trent & Mersey about 4pm 27 October 2009.

2016 locks, 3890 miles, 76 tunnels, 129 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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