Thursday, 15 October 2009

Irk Aqueduct.

10 Locks, 1½ Miles. Now moored at Irk Aqueduct.Slattocks 002 Lock 54 Watering up both boats.

A leisurely start to the day where we had both Nb’s Gypsy Rover and Epiphany in lock 54 filling our water tanks from the tap of the old lock keepers house. Once this was completed we were away with a hiss and a roar as the lock’s are close together and the first 4 were set in our favour. Unfortunately our luck ran out after this with most locks being empty. On the good side was the fact that there is plenty of water along this stretch of canal.

Slattocks 003 A beer named Coronation St.

Before we set off we had been talking to Andrew the BW Lengthsman  who has been following us for the last 2 days while inspecting all the lock structures. He warned us about bridge 69 which had part of the parapet removed and BW had repaired it with a steel structure. Not long after this the whole parapet on the opposite side was stolen and removed, can you believe it? It would have had to be stolen to order and a builder would be involved with it somewhere.

Slattocks 010 First one side and then the other!Slattocks 011

1936 locks, 3803 miles, 71 tunnels, 129 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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