Saturday, 10 October 2009


10 Locks, 1½ Miles. Now moored above lock 27 Walsden.

It was an early start this morning to allow time for John on Nb Epiphany to be able to travel to Huddersfield this afternoon. We initially travelled up through one lock to the facilities block for water and rubbish disposal etc; before setting off in earnest.

Walsden 005 The Great Wall of Tod(morden). Note the height, Nb Epiphany in front

Walsden 014 Lock 23 looking back over lock 22 Gauxholme Lock and the railway viaduct.

We had been doing quite well up to lock 22 when we got a visitor in the form of Paul Balmer from Waterways Routes the producer of the waterway routes DVD’s.  Paul was on his way back to Bristol from York and he knew we would be on the move today so he decided to pay us a visit and give us a helping hand. Well that was quite a deviation but with Paul’s help we were in Walsden in no time at all. The only delay was at lock 26 which, due to subsidence is only one boat at a time and we met BW with a working boat heading back to Sowerby Bridge at the same point.

Walsden 025 Paul letting water in to fill the lock.

After mooring up the least we could do was offer Paul some lunch before he headed back to the station to resume his travels. As we are very close to Grandma Pollards fish & chips shop which has a very high reputation in the area, this was the obvious choice. Once again a very big thank you to Paul for his help today.

Walsden 027 Finest Fish & Chips in the district. Looks like Grandma has taken over Quebec St.

1899 locks, 3790 miles, 70 tunnels, 127 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Maffi said...

Ah I see you have met up with Fi and the vicar.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Maffi
Yes we have caught up with Epiphany again and are travelling together over the summit down to Manchester at least. Depending on Fi's condition we may travel to the midlands together to beat the stoppages.
take care D & D

Maffi said...

I will be doing the Thames ring soon, how far do you think you will get?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Maffi
heading towards the midlands for winter and then Birmingham and south after xmas.