Sunday, 25 October 2009

Heart Break Hill -Well almost.

18 Locks, 5 Miles. Now moored at Church Lawton.

It wasn’t the best of days to travel but we need to get some mileage under our belts. John on Epiphany had decided on an early start which was a bit of a surprise to us, however we did get a couple of locks done before the rain set in. Along the way we crossed paths with 3 other boats which was a plus with help on the locks.

Church Lawton 002 Only one chamber here, the other has been turned into a waterfall sluice.

These locks were known to the old boatmen as the Cheshire locks and were originally all paired single locks but some of them have suffered structural damage. Two have been shored up hopefully with a view to restore them when finance is available but two others have been infilled never to be used again.

Church Lawton 015

Another lock that could be restored but it has suffered structural failure.

Church Lawton 005 Derek and John on lock duty. Look at those rain clouds heading our way.

Church Lawton 016 Church Lock Lock 47 looking back down on lock 48, Trent and Mersey Canal.

Tonight is the end of British Summer Time or Daylight Saving as it’s called in NZ, so the clocks go back one hour giving us an hours sleep in tomorrow morning. DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOU CLOCKS BACK!

1994 locks, 3868 miles, 75 tunnels, 129 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Alf said...

Infilled locks ? Never say never !!

Derek and Dot said...

well well time will tell no doubt, heres hoping