Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Todmorden’s Toy & Model Museum.

Todmorden 002 On the Lancashire Yorkshire border.

First job of the day was to help John on Nb Epiphany up through lock 18 to the BW service point for water which is only a couple of hundred yards beyond the lock. Once this chore had been completed he reversed back  lock where I had set the lock with the gate open. I had become aware of a hire boat at the bottom of the lock and just assumed quite wrongly that he would wait his turn. The next thing I saw was a young man opening the paddle on the bottom gates and here I am standing there with the top gate open.Needless to say this guy was yelled at in no uncertain manner to shut the paddle and leave it alone.

Todmorden 003 Todmorden Wharf, Rochdale Canal.

Once we had John and another boat in the lock he approached me complaining about being verbally abused to which I apologised but pointed out the error of his ways. I don’t think he had been been given any instructions by the boat yard on locking. I then showed him what to do and hoped that the message would get through to avoid any further possible disasters.

Todmorden 001-1 The front of Todmorden Town Hall which sits on the Lancashire, Yorkshire Border.

To make the most of the Autumn sunshine we walked into town to look for the Toy & Model Museum that we had read about on the information board near the moorings. When we found it the sign on the door stated closed Mon-Wed, ah drat. Dot wandered on while I dragged my heels reading the adverts on the museum door. All of a sudden the door flew open and an eccentric looking gentleman invited me in stating he was only doing some book work. By this time Dot was well out of earshot so I thought that I would have a quick look to see if it was worth a second visit. Basically it is a toy shop with new and used stock which is not very well displayed. The museum as he calls it is in another room and the basement. Here again the exhibits are of vintage and interesting origin but displayed they are not. Shelves and boxes piled up all over the place to which you can just rummage through to see what there is. The only organised displays were some Mamod model steam engines connected up to a compressed air supply to get them to work, an original Hornby Dublo tin plate three rail display layout and a “N” gauge layout that he was storing for a friend who is moving house. Thankfully there was no entry fee but I did spot a decorative hanging plate that I knew Dot had been looking for hanging up with a price tag attached (Not really a toy or model but it was second hand) which I relieved him of.

Todmorden 005-1 Dot's newly acquired Limited Edition Centenary Wedgewood plate.

As we will be in the area for a few days until Fiona is discharged from hospital and we travel together down the Rochdale Canal we will have a look around the local area in the meantime.

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