Sunday, 4 October 2009

Layover Day.

Hebden Bridge 014

Another boat with a Kiwi connection. Timaru Aotearoa seen here in Hebden Bridge

With a strong gusty wind and squally showers it was decided that we could afford to have a day off from cruising today and move on towards Todmorden tomorrow when the forecast is better.  Time to sort out the winter clothing again, so that will keep us busy today.  The temperatures are definitely dropping smartly now autumn is here with a vengeance. Having checked British Waterways final stoppage list we have a few stoppages to clear before the 2nd of November but we also have a few days leeway before things start to become a problem.

Hebden Bridge 046 River Hebden flowing through Hebden Bridge

This afternoon the rain cleared away so we ventured into town for a stroll. It was still very windy but at least the sun did make an appearance.

Hebden Bridge 044 Replica Fustion needle pointing due North towards the Nutclough Mill which used these needles to produce Corduroy and other similar clothes.

Hebden Bridge 045 The old Nutclough Mill that produced Fustion cloth such as Corduroy cloth.

Hebden Bridge 058Over and Under houses as they were known at Hebden Bridge originally known as the hilltop village of Heptonstall.

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