Thursday, 29 October 2009

Balmy Weather.

2 Locks, 4.46 Miles. Now moored at Great Haywood.

Last night John and Fiona took us to the Holly Bush Inn for a thank you drink and a very pleasant evening it was. When we walked into the pub we got a real shock because here’s this little village pub and it was bursting at the seams mainly with diners. There was only a handful of people including ourselves that were just there for drinks. A popular little pub indeed.

Great Haywood 002 Well I got in here but how do I get out?

It was a really Indian Summers day as we set off this morning for Great Haywood. The weather has certainly gone crazy, it was only 2 weeks ago that we changed the duvet to the winter weight and swapped all our clothes over from summer to winter variety. Now it’s too hot in bed and we are wearing only the lightest of clothing but you can guarantee it won’t last.

Great Haywood 004 Trimming the edging. Working for BW?

Plenty of boats on the move again today and as we arrived at Great Haywood junction there were boats in all directions trying to negotiate through the junction. Just to add to the chaos a BW tug and work boat came off the Staffs & Worcs Canal to head north up the Trent & Mersey Canal.

Great Haywood 006 An old Romany caravan. This one is actually on a car trailer to be taken to venue's.

The winter maintenance stoppages start in earnest on Monday but we are now ahead of schedule south to the midlands for Christmas so we can take it easy for a while, only 1 stoppage left at Colwich lock on 9th November so we will be well past that.

Great Haywood 007 Showman's caravan still in use.

We struck lucky with a mooring just past the junction exactly where we had hoped to moor. We will now be chilling out for a couple of days before resuming our travel south probably on Saturday. We have had quite a hectic schedule since leaving Leeds so it’s time to ease up for a while. John and Fiona on Epiphany are now safely tucked away in the Great Haywood Marina. It has been a pleasure to cruise with them and we wish them well for the future and hope to catch up with them again some time.

2018 locks, 3894.46 miles, 76 tunnels, 129 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Well done. You deserve a rest, so put your feet up and enjoy a few days of sunshine.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Paul,thanks for that you played a big part too. Forecast is good so we plan to make the most of it.