Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Looooong Cruise.

1 Lock, 22.5 Miles, 3 Tunnels now moored at Marston.

With a long lock free stretch ahead of us it was decided to put in a long days cruising to make the most of the conditions and the weather. First port of call was Thorn Marine at Stockton Heath for diesel and any bits that they had that we might require. It turned out that they did have a replacement valve for the toilet (ours has been playing up lately) and some stretchy’s for the cratch and stern covers, always pays to keep some on hand for breakages. Between ourselves and Epiphany we spent a small fortune but the great service we received, it was well deserved.

Anderton 018 Runcorn Power Station.Anderton 031 Runcorn Arm of the Bridgewater Canal.

After this little interlude it was all go with the 3 mile stretch above Runcorn providing the best scenic views. When we reached Preston Brook tunnel our timing was out and we had to wait half an hour to enter the tunnel. South bound boats are only allowed to enter the tunnel between half past the hour until 20 minutes to the hour.

Anderton 027 Runcorn Water Tower.

Reaching Saltersford tunnel we were more fortunate and only had to wait 10 minutes to proceed which allowed us through this tunnel and the Barnton tunnel with the short pound in between all in one go. We were very fortunate in that from the time we exited Preston Brook Tunnel the weather improved quite markedly with a clear blue sky and some winter sunshine. We made the most of this by continuing further than we anticipated.

Anderton 048 Nb Epiphany exiting the Southern end of the Preston Brook Tunnel.Anderton 068 Autumn splendour.

1965 locks, 3848 miles, 75 tunnels, 129 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006


John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Actually, Derek, Preston Brook Tunnel is open southwards from half past the hour until 20 minutes to the hour.
Saltersford Tunnel is open southwards from from half past the hour until 10 minutes to the hour.
(Posted just in case someone sues you for wrong information!)

Derek and Dot said...

Thanks John, now corrected

KG1 said...

Hiya Derek and Dot

Glad to hear Thorn Marine are still going strong, they are a great family business and helped us out no end a couple of years ago.

Keep up the Blogging
All the best

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Keith
Yes Nigel amd Margaret do their best to help, hopefully their petition will be successful.