Monday, 21 March 2011

Farewell Sandringham.

30.9 Miles. Now at March once more.

After a very enjoyable week-end at Sandringham it was time to break camp and move on. We were not travelling far as we were heading back to March to pick up some mail. Hopefully it would be my Driver’s licence from the DVLA. Fat chance. I had rung the DVLA on Tuesday and was told it would be dealt with in couple days which meant I should have it by now. Still it was good to see our landlord again who had kindly invited us to dinner with a couple of other friends.


4zzzz’s in the UK are the same as our Caravan Club Rallies in New Zealand.

Our original plan was to go on to Great Yarmouth but this may have to wait a day or two in the hope my drivers licence does arrive. Watch this space.

A total of 499 miles, since 5 March 2011

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Mary and Tony Price said...

Doesn't look warm enough for me to be sitting outside supping tea